API Management Assessment using the API-m-FAMM

The API-m-FAMM is a maturity model to asses the API management capabilities of your organization or product. The model consists of practices grouped in different capabilities and focus areas.

Open the visualization, the full description, or/and the interactive version of the API-m-FAMM to get familiar with the model. Every practice has a code consisting of 3 digits (for example 1.1.6 ‘Implement API Deprecation Protocol’), where the first digit refers to the focus area the practice is a part of, the second one refers to the capability, and the third digit refers to the maturity level the practice is assigned to. Full descriptions, including the necessary conditions to implement a practice.

Use the assesment spreadsheet to asses your organization or product. This is a spreadsheet in which you can fill out which practices have been implemented in your organization. The spreadsheet has been structured similarly to the model, with the white cells referring to the individual practices. When clicking on a cell, you will be shown a drop-down menu consisting of 3 options:

Use the Excel spreadsheet and drop-down menu to fill in whether each practice is implemented/implementable or not applicable in your organization.

If you have used the API-m-FAMM we kindly ask you to send us your feedback through the evaluation form. This allows us to improve and evolve the API-m-FAMM in the future.