Building and distributing an iOS app with PhoneGap - part 1

I’ve started working on an iOS app. Finally. The goals for this app are multiple. First of all, I wanted to work with PhoneGap, to see what the platform looked like. Second, I found a nice case for an app that I could build and put into production. I try to write up the experience and other stuff that I encounter. This first blog post marks some sources that I found to be useful.

The application will be build with PhoneGap and jQuery mobile. Not because I think that PhoneGap is the way to go, but because I want some experience about the edge cases.

After a day, I had something working and wanted it to deploy. Being new to iOS development, I found this blogpost useful in all the steps. A tweet let me to TestFlight, a useful service for distributing test versions to a group of people.

So the first one is small, but I hope to write some more about the experience.