My photo library over the years

After reading Hanselmans blog I became curious. How does my photo library look?

The journey, or better adventure, started with seeing if I could get those statistics from my library. I use iPhoto to manage all my photo’s, but it doesn’t come with these kind of statistics. I does have some .xml file, so I thought lets use XSLT. But no, the necessary information (like resolution) is not in this .xml file. Next step was to do it myself. So after copying everything to a Windows environment (yes, I do use Windows and I like Visual Studio and C#) I started to do some gathering. The opensource library jpegdata came to the rescue.

But then you also want to view charts, right? Nobody wants to look at some numbers. So I dove into google charts to generate some nice pictures. And the result is:

Photo's per year

Photo's per resolution

Average resolution per year

So what does this tell me?

Again, not very interesting, but a fun exercise.