Sharing that what we have received

Last week the new MacBooks arrived. And what a gorgeous new model was introduced, with a Retina Display. I myself was waiting for the new models because the old laptop needed to be replaced. The Retina version was a little to high priced for me, but I got a beautiful 13” instead.

While reviewing and researching a new laptop, I also read some books about poverty and how we have a responsibility in al of that. We (at least my readers from The Netherlands) are living in one of the richest countries in the world. We are in a financial crisis, but still we have plenty of everything. And so I made the decision (again) to share from that what I have received.

There are a lot of possibilities if you want to share. You could give money, you could give time, etc. But in the book The hole in our Gospel, Rich Stearns makes the case for using peoples abilities and giving them a platform to work on their own poverty. Yes, we are talking about microfinance here. So that is what I have done. I’ve gone over to kiva and lend some money to people that have far less than me.


Now, I normally blog about tech stuff and software development. The whole microfinance thing has got me thinking: why are we spending money on kickstarter stuff that are run by people that have access to far more resources than those in third world countries? Would it not be cool if we as tech people could help fellow tech people all over the world to use their talents and fight poverty?